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My Story

Hi my name is Jerry Krejci the sole founder of Succulent Flytraps……your ideal place to learn more about carnivorous plants! I love fly fishing, nature documentaries, the great outdoors and of course carnivorous plants and no I didn’t write that book…

How it All Started

When it comes to creepy crawlies I’ve always been a bit of a nerd. As a child I would catch flies and throw them in webs hoping to catch a glimpse of the spider. I became fascinated by the various webs and catching mechanisms of different species of spiders. Then an event occurred that tied my fascination with insects to plants.

Back in 1996 during my lunch break I wandered into a Sydney bookstore. As always I wandered over to the wildlife section. Suddenly a book caught my attention that would change the way I thought about plants forever. 

As I flicked through the pages of ‘Carnivorous Plants’ by Adrian Slack I quickly became fascinated by the claims made in the book. I mean this book claimed that there were plants out there that could attract, capture and digested insects. Peering over the glossy color photos I remember saying to myself ‘Are you serious? Surely these plants can’t be real.’

I just had to prove to myself that these plants actually existed and the best way to learn about them was to grow one at home. My journey of discovery had begun! 

My first plant

A year later I bought my first Venus flytrap from the markets. I was so excited I triggered all the traps just to see whether they all worked. Despite my best efforts though the plant died in winter. Not only that……I threw it out! Later, from the very same book that got me into carnivorous plants I read that some plants go dormant in winter. All of a sudden a compelling question popped into my head: Did the plant actually die or did it just go dormant? 

Inspiration Through Knowledge

I’m happy to say that my first attempt to grow a carnivorous plant wasn’t all in vain. The interest, enthusiasm and feeling of wrongdoing has paved the way to the nursery I have today. You could say that the legacy of that first Venus flytrap lives and breathes in every plant I grow (the logo definitely reflects this!)

My valuable lesson has made me realize that a bit of knowledge goes a long way to grow healthy carnivorous plants. It’s this mindset that has motivated me to share my gardening knowledge with others.

The Healthiest Plants

My passion for carnivorous plants means they get a lot of undivided attention ….. a bit too much attention according to my wife! Since I grow nothing else I always have the time and patience to look after my ‘kids’.

  • All plants are grown in ideal conditions in TEEM Canadian peat moss and are divided regularly to ensure healthy root and leaf growth. 
  • All plants are grown outside where they can dine on a smorgasbord of insects…..just like nature intended!
  • All nursery stock is accurately labelled indicating recognised varieties or cultivars (hybrids) and comes from reliable plant lineage. 
  • Since all plants are not grown in a greenhouse they are acclimatized to outside conditions including hot temperatures. This results in less stressed plants as they acclimatize themselves sooner to your local area.


Customer Service

My aim is to provide great customer service from the moment the plants are picked to the actual delivery of your item. Care is taken at every step of the way to ensure your plants arrive undamaged and in the freshest condition possible. Please feel free to provide feedback about your experience with Succulent Flytraps so we can continually improve our service.   

Product support – it’s nice to know that Succulent Flytrap’s customer support continues after your plant purchase. With my informative ‘how to’ videos and high quality photos you can be assured you are getting the best plant support. It’s about helping you grow the healthiest plants by applying expert care tips. Visit the Succulent Flytraps YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages and feel inspired to nurture your carnivorous plant garden now!

Learn More

More than just a nursery

By growing these plants in the luxury of my backyard I’ve proven that you don’t need anything fancy to grow healthy carnivorous plants. Hopefully I can inspire you to start your own carnivorous plants garden or maybe grow some new varieties. Not sure how to look after them? Check out my YouTube and Facebook pages where you can find simple, expert growing tips and interact with other like-minded gardeners. Inspiration through knowledge is my favourite mantra. Happy growing!

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