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Shipping and Product Information

Great customer service is always something I strive for and I hope your experience with my business is a positive one. If you have any queries or suggestions on how I can improve my business please contact me here. Please feel free to browse the following product and shipping information to help you get the most from this website. Happy growing!

What Plant Material Is Sent Through The Mail?

Bare rooted rhizomes (see below) which are just plants without soil are the only plant material sent through the mail. The rhizomes themselves are much easier to send in the mail while reducing shipping costs. Bare rooted rhizomes are also a Quarantine requirement when sending to other states.


How are rhizomes prepared for transit?

Rhizomes are carefully removed from the most mature plant stock at time of purchase. Roots are gently rinsed with distilled water to remove excess peat moss. To maintain dampness and freshness the roots are delicately enclosed with damp tissue and plastic wrap. A plastic label is then included with the plant indicating its variety or cultivar.

Please note: only one tag is included for multiple quantities of the same plant.  

Winter / Early Spring Rhizomes

Please note that North American pitcher plants ordered during the winter or early spring have their old, dead leaves cut off. This is normally how the plants look after leaves from the previous growing season are removed. Not only do the plants look tidier but the removal of dead leaves paves the way for new growth.


The time of year will determine how developed the leaves are sprouting from the rhizomes. In early spring when the plants awaken from their winter dormancy the rhizomes have short, flat, red shoots emerging. These are the emerging young leaves (see photos above). In late spring the leaves will be longer as they develop. Some rhizomes may even have already formed pitchers like in the online shop product photos. It all depends on the growth stage of each rhizome.       

Which Carrier Delivers Our Goods? 

Australia Post regular parcel service using our own unique packaging. 

Can pot plants be purchased?

Yes pot plants can be purchased through nursery appointments or contactless pick-up. Please email me on: to organize a nursery visit. 

Contactless Pick-up Purchases

This involves transferring payment into my account before picking up your pot plant at the nursery at your convenience. Email me at: to confirm your order.

I will then email you back to confirm total cost of your order, my account details, a time/date for collection as well as my nursery address. Once I receive payment, I will place your pot plant outside my house for collection.

Please note only select plants can be purchased as contactless pick-up purchases depending on stock availability. See the ‘pick-up purchase’ tab on the bottom of the product page at the online shop for products that qualify for contactless pick-ups (see below). 

Where Are Plants Delivered?
  • Plants are delivered only to NSW, ACT, QLD, and VIC. 
  • Due to Biosecurity restrictions and Government Certificates we currently don’t send plants to South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory.
Default Signature On Delivery Service
  • To ensure peace of mind to our valued customers the ‘Signature On Delivery’ service has been included in the shipping costs. This way we know that the plants have actually been delivered and received.
  • If you are not home when your plants are delivered a collection card will be placed on your doorstep by Australia Post indicating your parcel details and pickup location.
Delivery Information
  • As soon as we receive payment most orders will be delivered to you within 5-8 business days.
  • Please be aware that in order to minimize the time your plants spend in transit we don’t ship your plants just before weekends or long weekends. As a result during these times delivery times may take longer.
Tracking Your Order
  • Your parcel tracking number will either be emailed or texted to your mobile phone at time of shipment so you can monitor your parcel.
  • Please provide either of the above contact details when placing your order.
  • While we do all we can to carefully pack our products and ensure a successful delivery Succulent Flytraps will not be responsible for lost or damaged goods. 
Insurance For Lost Or Damaged Parcels
  • By default Australia Post will compensate for lost or damaged goods up to the value of $100 and postage costs. 
  • If you don’t have Extra Cover you are still entitled to compensation up to $100 and postage costs.
  • See below for procedures you need to follow if you receive a damaged parcel. 
Extra Insurance For Orders Over $100
  • For orders where the value of goods are over $100 (not including delivery charges) then consider Extra Cover. 
  • Extra Cover is provided by Australia Post and provides compensation for lost or damaged parcels for up to $5000. 
  • You can buy Extra Cover for $2 from this website when placing your order. 
  • Click the ‘Extra Cover’ box located under your shipping address in the ‘Cart Totals’ page.
What If You Receive A Damaged Parcel

Do the following in the unlikely event your parcel is damaged:

  • Accept the parcel so you can receive a delivery receipt (a receipt is required to fill out a damaged goods report with Australia Post).
  • Check the contents as only the parcel itself may be damaged. 
  • If contents have been damaged then take a photo of the damaged parcel and contents.
  • Present the damaged parcel and goods to your local corporate Australia Post Office. (Please note that only the person to whom the parcel is addressed can present the item).
  • Phone 13 76 78 for assistance as not all post offices are able to complete damaged goods reports. 
  • A Customer Service Complaint will be lodged on your behalf. 
  • Leave your parcel(s) and goods with Australia Post staff for processing.
  • Provide and complete necessary documentation such as proof of identity, receipts for goods and postage, statutory declaration and other item details.
Lost Parcels
  • In the unlikely event your parcel gets lost in transit please inform me (Jerry) by email at:
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