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How to Grow Carnivorous Plants

Are you a first timer at growing carnivorous plants? Looking for expert growing tips? Look no further than the following ‘how to grow’ guides.

The Basics

Hi there my name is Jerry the sole founder and director of Succulent Flytraps……your carnivorous plants nursery and fun place to learn about carnivorous plants! Nothing brings more gardening enjoyment than seeing a healthy carnivorous plant feeding itself by catching insects. Carnivorous plants arouse a lot of curiosity and are unique but that doesn’t mean they’re hard to grow.

North American Pitcher Plants

North American pitcher plants with their tube like traps and beautiful hoods make a bold and beautiful presence in any carnivorous plant garden. Fortunately they are also easy to grow making them very accessible and popular for gardeners at all levels. These plants will really get your visitors’ attention ……including the insects! 

Venus Flytraps

Charles Darwin once said about Venus Flytraps as ‘the most wonderful plant in the world’. With their teeth like traps and their amazing ability to snap shut on unsuspecting prey its easy to see why this plant mesmerizes us. I remember the first time I saw a Venus flytrap close and it literally took my breath away. They really are the iconic plant species that stirs our imagination.


Sundews belong to the genus Drosera which contains at least 194 species of plants. The word ‘Drosera’ comes from the Greek word ‘drosos’ meaning dew. Its an appropriate name because the leaves are covered in mucilage which looks like morning dew in the sunlight.

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