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Getting The Most From Your Carnivorous Plants

A Bit Of Knowledge Goes A Long Way

I’m about to explain some basic but important growing tips that will help you grow healthy carnivorous plants and see them in all their glory. The information here will help you replicate the plants’ natural environment and make your plants thrive. Click on the green links on the bottom of the page for specific carnivorous plants growing tips. Happy growing!

General Care Information

Temperate Plants

Venus flytraps, North American pitcher plants and some Sundews come from temperate areas where there are distinct changes in the seasons (summer, autumn, winter and spring). As a result these plants grow during the warmer months and go dormant or stop growing during winter. It’s important to note they don’t die in winter and are perennials where they live for more than 2 years.

Why Do The Plants Stop Growing In Winter? ​
  • In winter insect activity ceases so it makes sense for the plant not to spend vital energy growing traps.
  • Winter is a resting time during the harsh bleak winter. Energy obtained from the previous growing season is preserved as the plant prepares for new growth in spring.
  • Without a rest period the plant would eventually die of exhaustion.
Think Of Carnivorous Plants As Deciduous Trees

It’s helpful to think of carnivorous plants like deciduous trees. During winter deciduous trees stop growing and the leaves die off. The bare branches gives the appearance the trees are dead. However when spring arrives lush new leaves emerge……. temperate carnivorous plants are just the same.

Where Is The Best Place To Grow Temperate Carnivorous Plants?

If you live in a temperate area where there are warm summers and cool winters then the best place to grow your carnivorous plants is outdoors all year round. The plants will respond to the seasonal changes by going dormant in winter and grow during the other months. I live in Sydney, NSW and my plants are simply left outside throughout the hot summers and cool winters.

Will Your Plants Feed Themselves If Grown Outdoors?

Yes. Your carnivorous plants will lure and catch all the insects they need themselves. After all they have  evolved over millions of years to satisfy their carnivorous cravings. By the way it’s so much fun watching prey getting caught in the traps and you will be surprised how many insects they catch!

Similar Growing Requirements

Many carnivorous plant species (including North American pitcher plants and Venus flytraps) grow in similar temperate environments. This means that if you can grow one species then you should be able to grow other species too. Since they all grow in the same peat moss medium you can even grow them in the same pot!

Now that you have some idea of the plants I grow and an understanding of some basic care requirements let’s have a closer look at the individual species. Click on the links below to discover the various forms, trapping mechanisms and growing tips of each type of plant.

Looking for Further Info?

Please contact me through my Contact page on this website or through my Facebook page for further info…… I would love to help you out! For my next market visit check out the ‘Events’ tab on my Facebook page. Till then happy growing!

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