Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid


Sarracenia leucophylla must surely be the prettiest of all the Sarracenia species. With its white flower like pitchers it really does add a dash of color to your garden. Otherwise known as the white pitcher plant this plant is crossed with another species of pitcher plant. The white colored pitchers is evidence of a strong Leucophylla lineage.


  • Pitchers get up to 60 cm high.
  • The lid of the pitcher is variegated with red and green veins.
  • Red veins are more pronounced around the base of the lid and nectar roll.
  • Situated on the lid and around the nectar roll are white colored ‘windows’ which fool insects into believing there is a way out.
  • As insects fly into these white patches they tumble into the narrow pitchers.
  • This plant produces it’s prettiest and largest pitchers in Autumn.
  • After dissecting many pitchers this plant has proven to me that it’s an excellent house fly catcher!
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More Information

Care Guidelines

  • Light – provide at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Location – recommended to be grown outdoors but can also be grown in a greenhouse with good results.
  • Watering – place pot in tray of water to keep soil wet. Use distilled water, reverse osmosis filtered water or rainwater.
  • Dormancy – plant requires a rest or dormancy period during winter to regain energy for the growing season.
  • Peak growing period – largest pitchers appear in Autumn and get up to 65 cm high.
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  • Only bare rooted rhizomes (stems) are shipped in the mail.
  • Rhizomes are selected from the most mature parent plant at time of order.
  • All plants are grown outdoors all year round.

Peat Moss

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