Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid


Sarracenia leucophylla must surely be the prettiest of all the Sarracenia species. With its white pitchers and contrasting red/green veins you’d be forgiven for thinking the pitchers are flowers. Otherwise known as the white pitcher plant this plant is crossed with another species of pitcher plant (most likely Sarracenia var. alata). The white coloured pitchers is evidence of a strong leucophylla lineage.


  • Pitchers get up to 60 cm high.
  • The lid of the pitcher is variegated with red and green veins.
  • Red veins are more pronounced around the base of the lid and nectar roll.
  • Situated on the lid and around the nectar roll are white coloured ‘windows’ which fool insects into believing there is a way out.
  • This plant produces it’s prettiest and largest pitchers in Autumn.
  • After dissecting many pitchers this plant has proven to me that it’s an excellent house fly catcher!
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  • Please note that this plant can be purchased as a pot plant. See the ‘Pick-Up Purchase’ tab below for details.

More Information

Care Guidelines
  • Light – provide at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Location – recommended to be grown outdoors but can also be grown in a greenhouse with good results.
  • Watering – place pot in tray of water to keep soil wet. Use distilled water, reverse osmosis filtered water or rainwater.
  • Dormancy – plant requires a rest or dormancy period during winter to regain energy for the growing season.
  • Peak growing period – largest pitchers appear in Autumn and get up to 65 cm high.
  • Click here for simple instructions on how to plant your rhizomes to give your plants the best start.
Product & Shipping Information
  • Only bare rooted plants are shipped in the mail.
  • Rhizomes are selected from the most mature parent plant at time of order.
  • All plants are grown outdoors all year round.
  • Rhizomes ordered in early spring or winter will have their old leaves removed from the previous growing season. Click here to see what early season rhizomes look like.
Peat Moss (Potting Medium)
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Pick-up Purchase

This product can also be purchased as a pot plant for $45 (pick-up only). The plants are potted in 140 mm high plastic growing pots. There are 2 methods of purchasing pot plants.

  1. Nursery visit
  2. Contactless purchase.
Nursery Visits

Please email me at: to organize a nursery visit.

Contactless Purchases

This involves transferring payment into my account before picking up your pot plant at the nursery at your convenient time. Email me at: to confirm your order. I will then email you back to confirm total cost of order, my account details and a date/ time for pick-up. Once I receive payment I will place your pot plant outside my house for collection. Click here for more info about pick-up purchases.

Advantages of purchasing pot plants:

  • There is little to no stress on the plants as there is no re-potting involved.
  • Usually there is a miniature garden in the form of moss and smaller carnivorous plants around the base of the main plant.