Venus Flytrap – Slack’s Giant x Dirk Ventham’s Giant


This is our latest exciting cultivar of Venus Flytrap. It’s a cross between two famous clones: Slack’s Giant x Dirk Ventham’s Giant (also known as G16 x G14). Features are:

  • Large, vibrant red coloured traps.
  • Traps get to 2cm long.
  • The leaf bases (leaf material just before the traps) are long and slender.
  • Vertically produced leaves add form and height to your pot plant.
  • A vigorous growing plant with stunning coloration that will complement any carnivorous plants collection!’
  • Click here to view how this cultivar looks like in the growing season.
  • What do the insects think of this plant? Check out the video below which was taken in my backyard.


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More Information

  • Light – provide at least 4 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Location – outdoors (recommended), greenhouse or indoors on a North facing aspect.
  • Watering – place pot in tray of water to keep soil wet. Use distilled water, reverse osmosis filtered water or rainwater.
  • Dormancy – plant requires a rest or dormancy period during winter to regain energy for the growing season.
  • Visit the Venus Flytrap Growing Guides for basic care guidelines.
  • Only bare rooted rhizomes (stems) are shipped in the mail.
  • Rhizomes are selected from the most mature parent plant at time of order.
  • All plants are grown outdoors all year round.

Peat Moss (Potting Medium)

  • Need peat moss with your purchased stem? Premium peat moss blend can be purchased from the online shop. Click here for details.
  • Click here for simple instructions on how to plant your rhizomes to give your plants the best start.